It’s not often that I have the occasion to build a pistol exactly the way I want. It happens on concept guns or, in this case, the 100 year celebration of John Browning’s 1911. I’m blessed, I suppose, to have accumulated over 35 years of experience as a full time handgun guy building and shooting 1911's. I'm also fortunate to have the 100 Anniversary of the pistol pop up just in time to take advantage of that experience. In fact, I can’t remember a period in the past when I've felt more qualified to build a tribute gun. True custom handguns are fast becoming a thing of the past so it’s with some pride that I showcase our 1911 Centenary pistol, a hand built Art Deco inspired Retro-Mod. It's a blend of early to modern features with a touch of contemporary design that resulted in a handgun that is essentially what I wanted to build without the pressures of business.
Note: The 26 pistols in this series is spoken for to the extent that we have held back a small number to benefit certain charities such as the Wounded Warriors and their families. These pistols will be become available once completed and announced here at the time.
Pistol at left: Hand built exclusively by Paul Liebenberg, features an exhibition grade IonBond finish, ebony grips by Paul Persinger with 2011 gold Liberty Coin inserts. Custom case by Marvin Huey and Mike Sweaney. Handmade tools by Kade Gile.
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