2006 July/August issue of American Handgunner Features two Pistol Dynamics scratch built pieces in the form of a Liebenberg Combat Special Evolution and an Executive Option carry gun.
2004 Guns & Ammo Book of the 1911 was an extensive look into the 1911 from inception. This issue included examples from leading custom gunshops and included a custom Liebenberg Signature 45 C-Series Colt. Click on the image for original article text.
2004 September issue of Combat Handguns Jeremy Clough tested a Custom 4.5" Pistol Dynamics Scout. Jeremy did a great job of explaining the features and principals of the pistol. He is also a very good shooter and was able to squeeze out the maximum potential the pistol had to offer. This included a .600" group at 25' which was as good as anyone had done with it. Click on the image for original article text.
2002 July/August issue of American Handgunner showcased number 9 of 24 Liebenberg Limited Signature models that kicked off Pistol Dynamics II. Built on a late 60's C-Series Colt the pistol was a project that harkened back to the hey-day of custom 1911's but was also the platform to a few new concepts for inclusion in the new Pistol Dynamics product line. Click on the image for original article text.
1987 July/August issue of American Handgunner featured a Pistol Dynamics Centimeter IPSC Comp-Gun. Much was written about the cartridge and it's potential as a competition and defensive round. After being dismissed by a number of 'experts' it surfaced for real in 1990 as the 40 S&W we know today. The pistol itself is widely recognized as one of the most significant ever to be featured in American Handgunner. Click on the image for original article text.
1984 July/August issue of American Handgunner - The Liebenberg designed Pachmayr Modular Pistol started the trend toward shrouded Bianchi guns designed to take advantage of the barricade rules. Insanely accurate, It was also the platform for the first Aimpoint sighted NRA/Bianchi Action Pistols. Click on the image for original article text.
1983 J.Ramos chose a Liebenberg designed Pachmayr Comp Gun for the cover of his book, 45 ACP Super Guns. The gun featured a very advanced compensator system for the time. Only a handful of these pistols were ever built; going mostly to collectors and the members of the Pachmayr shooting team.
1991 October issue of Guns&Ammo - Featured a Liebenberg built S&W pistol and a John French built revolver. The project showcased the free thinking of the two designers. The pistol had an adjustable compensator, frame mounted safety and single action trigger.
1991 June issue of Gun World - Featured the first production compensated S&W pistol. The gun was a design variant of the original Liebenberg Carry-Comp.