About Delivery Estimates

Pistol Dynamics relies on the efforts of just a few key individuals who, as a team, help to produce scratch made custom handguns to customer requirements; and our customers are considered part of that team for the life of the build. Our business isn’t a hobby or part time operation. We are a federally licensed 07 manufacturer of firearms. Paul designs and personally performs and/or controls all major functions on each pistol build with support of in-house CNC and select vendor supplied services. He does not put his signature on guns assembled by other people and use this to market them. We do not purchase commercially available parts, assemble them into personalized handguns and sell them as ‘custom’. We have direct design and manufacturing control of all major components, and as such, the Pistol Dynamics handgun is unique. We’re the only custom shop in the industry that we know of that operates in this manner.

When a customer orders a handgun from Pistol Dynamics it doesn’t exist. At the time we receive your initial components payment, and the order is entered, the raw material and components are assigned to the project and it’s placed in a production cycle based on our current workload. One of the most common and logical questions we field from our customers is “what is your turnaround?” As of this writing it takes about 12-18 months to cycle the ‘average’ Pistol Dynamics handgun through the process. Intricate ‘Signature’ custom guns can take significantly longer. The estimated production time we provide on any particular order is an educated guess and impossible to write in stone, but it's based on the historical delivery cycle of similar handguns recently completed at the time the order is entered and the pace of new orders being received. It’s the best estimate we can offer and it’s by no means a promise. It's simply irresposnsable to promise a delivery date on an item yet to be produced and one which relies so heavily on expert man hours.

Because we are a ‘real’ company we have all the pressures that go with that including significant overhead and costs. Turnover and cash flow is just as important to us as any other specialty manufacturing businesses because of the labor intensity associated with our product. We are a micro-manufacturer and build very few pieces compared to other performance based production firearms companies. We cannot maintain an inventory of finished firearms to cushion unexpected delays. If we have an interruption in our production it can adversely affect our schedule because making up lost time is almost impossible. With all the control we have over our manufacturing, we can’t control unforeseen circumstances such as hurricanes, illness, technical glitches and the myriad of other nuisances that can affect workflow; including the recent industry panic generated by new calls for gun control. We don’t make any money until the labor is complete on a pistol so it’s in our best interest to stay on track. Fortunately, we are able to do so with the majority of our builds within a reasonable tolerance, but if we do find ourselves in a position of having to keep a customer waiting longer than expected it is certainly not by design and we do everything in our power to avoid this.