Before you consider ordering a Pistol Dynamics handgun please do the following:

Conduct your comparison shopping before contacting us to fully understand the various models, features, pricing and turnaround offered by other custom and performance gunshops. This will help you better appreciate what we offer and how Pistol Dynamics is actually complementary to other companies rather than in competition with them.

Please read our instruction manual (you can get it at the bottom of this page). There is a wealth of information embedded in it with respect to our philosophy as it pertains to features, performance, build quality and intended use and safety.

Please do all you can to learn what ordering a hand built custom 1911 actually means. Pistol Dynamics is one of the few, if not the only, true ground up custom 1911 design and manufacturing studios in the world. The entire build process is overseen and performed by a single top tear artisan with a depth of technical and practical knowledge spanning a period of three decades or more. We don’t have a line of fitters on a bench assembling Pistol Dynamics handguns with the ‘Liebenberg’ name stamped on them. Paul Liebenberg builds these exclusive handguns himself with in-house CNC support and in addition to the required technical skill set this process takes time.

Please be purposeful about your intent with respect to having a scratch built custom gun designed and made for you. Scratch built custom guns are a commitment to time, effort and cost on the behalf of both builder and customer and not all three of these elements stay in sync all the time. If you ‘need’ a custom gun NOW, Pistol Dynamics is not the place for you. We are not a drive-through ‘custom’ gun shop. There are many performance 1911’s with custom features being marketed by good production gun companies that can satisfy those with immediate needs. There are also many part-time and enthusiast gunsmiths who can package commercially available components into a very affective personalized weapon to meet your requirements.

Please make sure that your level of familiarization with the 1911 system is such that, when you take delivery of a Pistol Dynamics handgun, you are well versed with the technical and practical aspects of the weapon. This means that you should seek training with a 1911 if need be before putting your Pistol Dynamics handgun into service. If you don’t know where to go for this training, we can help.


Pistol Dynamics is a micro specialty handgun manufacturing business. Our volume is miniscule compared to other high profile ‘custom’ gun shops. We have only one person fielding phone calls (Marie). She is also responsible for sifting through emails and redirecting them when necessary as well as generating all orders, quotes and the like. Please do not take your frustration out on her if it happens to take a bit of time for us to respond to your inquiry. If you get transferred to voice mail on the phone it’s because she is probably talking to someone. If you fail to leave a message please don’t expect a return call. If you don’t get a response to your email, try calling, or send another one with a more specific notation in the subject line. We sometimes find legitimate emails in our spam folder but we don’t always catch them. The bottom line is this: Marie has a long history of customer service in the firearms industry starting with Pachmayr Gun Works back in 1980 and she is very good at what she does, but her job description does not include being cannon fodder, that duty is reserved for Paul.


We sometimes receive very long emails with questions and recommendation requests that we simply cannot adequately answer with an email response. More often than not you will be asked to make yourself available for a phone-con with Paul. Please take advantage of this.


Please do not rely on forums to gather information about our business and product. Even though some of our good customers are active on forums and occasionally provide accurate information about our operation to other forum members, the uninitiated can easily be misguided by the uninformed. We are too busy to participate on forums and simply won’t communicate with someone hiding behind a ‘user name’. If you have a question regarding our product, manufacturing method, prices and backlog it is best to call or email us. Please be aware that we do not give out sensitive information via the internet or email. We also do not provide opinions on the work of other gunsmiths or gun shops and we certainly don’t badmouth our competition. We are more than willing to explain what we do on the phone or you are welcome to visit our shop with an appointment.


Pistol Dynamics is in the business of building custom firearms that are specifically configured and designed for the customer's needs. Below is our procedure for initiating your project. Please take the time to fully understand the procedure for ordering our products or services.

1. As a potential customer you will initially talk to a knowledgeable professional at Pistol Dynamics (probably Marie) who will outline the many custom options that will fit customer specific needs.

2. When the outline is roughed out the customer will have the option to speak directly with Paul in order to detail the feature set and address any further technical issues or questions.

3. Once the project is detailed we will be able to provide an estimate of the cost. At this point, and to secure a build slot, we require a 40% payment. This is not a deposit but a charge to cover initial costs and components for the project

4. When we receive the 40% payment we will register the build slot and send a written ‘work order” for the customers review. Any additions, changes or clarifications can be made at this time. The work order will be amended to reflect the modifications and resent. The customer will sign the modified work order and send it to us, as this will be the document that will generate the shop work order.

5. At the point at which the pistol is in the white and initial testing completed, notification is sent to the customer indicating that payment for the labor is due. Full payment for labor must be received BEFORE all markings, engraving and finishes are applied. This is the final opportunity to make additions or changes to the work order. Pricing could be affected. Full payment for gun in the white AND any additional work is due at this time. The pistol will then enter the polishing and finishing cycle and the customer will be advised when the pistol components are shipped to the finisher. Finisher process time is not something we have direct control over and any estimate of their turnaround on our part is based entirely on previous experience. Cost of the finish, shipping, handling, insurance and sundry items will be added to the final bill.

6. When the job is completed the gun will be shipped to a dealer of the customer's choosing (for a new firearm) or the legal owner it was received from (customers firearm).

Signature and Heirloom Handgun:

Most Signature and Heirloom pistols are extremely unique handguns that require a significant amount of planning. Due to the time and complexities associated with designing and configuring these pistols, a non-refundable $250 order and project configuration fee is required before any formal quote is provided to a potential customer. This is not an additional cost; this fee will be applied to the 40% component payment when received.

Customer Support: (both sides of the coin).

An important aspect of our service includes a high level of personalized customer support, which is critical to the success of our business and your project. However, there are a number of things you can do to help us be as efficient as possible at servicing your needs. It’s your way of buoying our efforts to efficiently service you.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our policies and user guide in advance of placing an order to ensure that the product and services we offer are in sync with your needs and that the limitations of those guides and policies won’t affect the expected outcome.

We will gladly spend as much time on the phone and in person as it takes to ensure a proper fit of features and performance relative to your desires. Past that we ask that you don’t contact us repeatedly for status updates until such time that we reach our estimated completion window. On the other hand we do appreciate being informed immediately if you have a change in your status and particularly one that might delay your ability to follow through with the purchase of the pistol. We also need to know as soon as possible if you wish to make any additions or changes to your work order or if your contact information has changed.

Please make sure that the product you will be ordering from us is legal in your state. We have enough of a time keeping on top of federal laws and the rules and regulations governing our activities in our own state let alone trying to keep tabs on what’s going on in the other 49. While we do have a handle on most of the restrictive states, there’s nothing worse than us completing your pistol only to find out that some ridiculous or obscure law prevents you from owning it.

When your pistol is in the white and ready to enter the final stages, please respond as soon as possible to the correspondence you receive from us. This will include a copy of the original work order with notations of any changes made to the specification over the life of the build as well as final finish and serializing options that you may need to select. Following this procedure, payment for labor will come due and the pistol will be slated for final polish, marking and cosmetic/protective finish. Please take note that your order will not be placed into the final finishing loop before we receive payment for labor. Your attention to these matters will ensure that your job stays in the production slot it was assigned until it’s wrapped, packed and ready to ship.

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