Paul Liebenberg is a trained Industrial Designer who has been a professional gun builder specializing in the Browning locked breach pistol platform for over 30 years. He is a certified four-gun firearms instructor and former professional pistol shooter who competed successfully in many disciplines in the shooting sports. A member of the World Champion South African Practical Pistol Team, NRA Action Shooting High Master, AA Skeet Shooter and NRA F-TR High Master, Paul is a highly qulified technical resource with respect to firarms.

In 1983 he immigrated to the US and joined Pachmayr Gun Works in Los Angeles CA were he rose to manage the Custom Gun Shop. In 1985 he opened Pistol Dynamics in Los Angeles to build high-end 1911 competition handguns and Pachmayr pistols on contract to that company. He also continued the technical development of the 40-caliber pistol cartridge that eventually became the 40 S&W we know today.

In 1989 Paul joined Smith and Wesson to structure the Performance Center where he designed and developed unique S&W pistols and manufacturing methods for a growing niche market. In 2001 Paul moved to Florida to open Pistol Dynamics 2 where he continues to design and build unique custom handguns and related products.

Paul’s success as a designer, builder and shooter is well documented and he continues to be recognized by his peers as one of the leading exponents of the art of pistol craft and gun building.

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