Pistol Dynamics custom and performance firearms are finely tuned instruments intended for specific use by individuals who are properly trained in handling, use, operation and function of a firearm. Pistol Dynamics assumes that its customers are well versed in the operation, function and handling of a firearm and that they are fully aware of the limitations, applications and responsibilities of using a firearm. If you do not have a thorough understanding of a firearm system, and in particular the 1911, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice for the operation, function and handling of a firearm.

Pistol Dynamics handguns are designed for use under controlled conditions and safe environments. Please adhere to the traditional four LAWS OF GUN SAFETY: 1) The gun is always loaded, 2) Never point a gun at anything you are not prepared to destroy, 3) Always be sure of your target and what is behind it, 4) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.

Payment Terms: At this time, Pistol Dynamics accepts the following forms of payment for parts and initial component cost on custom pistols; Mastercard, Visa, Bank Checks, money orders, wire transfers and personal checks. A 40% initial payment is due at the inception of the project. Prior to final finishing, engraving and marking, an invoice will be sent for the labor due. The firearm will be completed once payment is received and funds are deposited to our account. Failure to pay the labor or final invoice within 90 days will result in the potential cancellation of the project and Pistol Dynamics reserves the right to sell the firearm to recover costs.

Initial Payment: Pistol Dynamics does not accept ANY deposits on firearms or deposits for work on firearms. The initial payment of approximately 40% of the total project is for components and any costs incurred initiating project. Please do not pay more than what is indicated on any invoice from Pistol Dynamics. Our policy is to charge only for services and components provided.

Signature and Heirloom Handgun: Most Signature and Heirloom pistols are unique handguns that require a significant amount of planning. Due to the time and complexities associated with designing and configuring these Pistols, a non-refundable $250 order and project configuration fee is required before any formal quote is provided to a potential customer. This is not an additional cost; this fee will be applied to the 40% component payment when received.

Military and LE Discounts:

Our policy with regards to this ‘service’ has been revised. Blanket Law Enforcement discounts have been discontinued. Purpose specific tactical handguns intended for SF applications is now limited to those who can provide status verification and will only be moved to the front burner with a specific level of need.

Previously Modified Firearms: Pistol Dynamics will not work on ANY firearm that has been previously modified to the extent that it is no longer within our required specifications.

Returns: In the unlikely event that a firearm needs to be returned for adjustment, it will be handled on a priority basis and expedited. All shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

Accuracy Guarantee: Pistol Dynamics cannot guarantee that the performance of the pistol tested under controlled conditions can be duplicated by the customer. The pistol is targeted by an accomplished shooter on our staff in a controlled environment from a sandbag with our benchmark ammunition. Ammunition is SAAMI specification and is NOT hand-loaded. We will guarantee that the group size on the card provided with the firearm if appropriate was shot from that firearm under the controlled conditions outlined herein.

Function and Reliability: Pistol Dynamics pistols are safety checked, function tested, test-fired and shipped with at least one new premium 1911 magazine. We will guarantee that the pistol, utilizing quality factory ammunition, will function reliably with magazines of the type provided.

Engraving: Hand engraving on any firearm will have an engraving proposal that will accompany the standard proposal. Timing between the shop and the engraving department will be coordinated. There are NO cancellations on engraved firearms. Payment in full is required BEFORE any engraving commences.

Cancellation Policy: Custom projects utilize production time that is not recoverable. Cancellations of custom pistol projects and custom gunsmith services will incur a minimum cancellation fee equal to 40% of the total project value. Cancelled projects will be finished to our specifications and sold to recover our costs. Unless previously arranged, we do not accept full or partial payments in advance of the build that exceed the 40% component payment, however, should a customer have more on account with us than the 40% at time of cancellation, the pistol will be completed in it's assigned production slot, and once sold, the remainder of the outstanding balance will be returned to the customer (less any additional costs and or fees). No monies will be refunded prior to the completion and sale of the firearm. On projects that involve a customer supplied firearm, cancellation of the project gives Pistol Dynamics the option to sell the firearm to recover costs. Personalized custom pistol projects cannot be cancelled. These projects include, but are not limited to items such as Signature and Heirloom pistols, limited editions, custom serialized handguns and engraving. We do not, under any circumstances, ship unfinished projects or pistols..

Putting Your Project on Hold: Projects that are put on hold by the customer for any reason will be archived and a replacement order inserted in that build cycle. If and when the hold request is lifted the order will not fall back in line relative to original time line. This is like standing in line for baseball tickets. If you leave your wallet in the car you lose your place in line. We do not re-insert you in your original place in our build cycle. This policy holds good for any period of hold request. Further, we reserve the right to place a project on hold if we are not able to contact you over a seasonable period of time. Our business relies almost exclusively on man-hours and applying time and effort to a non-paying job adversely affects our income and cash flow. There are some that are under the impression that we build guns as a hobby and their pistol is the only one in our shop. Obviously this is not true.


Labor Payment: Once a custom firearm on order with Pistol Dynamics has been built, and all of the major features requested on the handgun are in place, the unit is tuned, tested and targeted. At this point it is essentially an operating handgun, unpolished and in the white. There is no cosmetic finish or engraving on the gun. Once we are satisfied that the unit is performing to our level of expectation the customer is notified that final labor payment is due. The client is asked to check that all the required features are present and any changes or additions that may have been requested over the life of the project are present.

When full labor payment is received the pistol is then scheduled for polishing, marking and the application of a coating such as Ionbond, blue, chrome etc. Concurrently there will be a small number of guns of various configurations ready for final processing and a time line will be set for that batch of handguns to be prepared for completion. Our metal finishing is done in batches because some of our vendors have a minimum order requirement and shipping individual handguns through carriers is extremely expensive. Should a payment for a pistol not be received before that particular group is ready to be forwarded to the finishing vendor, that unit is held over for inclusion in a future batch. Any projects with outstanding labor invoices after a 21day period from final invoice will be held over to a future finishing rotation.

After the pistols leave our premises for the appropriated vendor we no longer have complete control of the status of that firearm until it is returned. While vendor turnaround fluctuates during the year the normal process plus shipping time usually spans a 4 to 6 week period, although this can be exceeded under certain circumstances. When the finished parts are returned to us, the order is inspected and placed in a final assembly and test loop. This is assuming that the finish on the parts meet with our inspection criteria. If for some reason the finish has an unacceptable blemish or some other malady prevents us from assembling the pistol, that part is returned to the vendor for re-do. Most often guns pass this inspection and are assigned to final assembly, testing and target check in the order that final payment was received. The unit is then packed and shipped to the receiving dealer with a tracking number forwarded to the customer.

Finishing costs: Cost for final finish varies with type, grade and vendor, therefore we only invoice for vendor finishing services once we have been quoted by the vendor and know the cost of the service relative to any particular order. This is not included in the labor payment and will be stated as such on the work order. Invoicing for finishing is in addition to the build labor charge; together with shipping charges, and variable cost items (i.e. magazines, grips, cases, and ansillary items not necessarily requested at the inception of the build). The 'finish invoice' represents our final bill to the customer with respect to the original signed work order.


We are on a constant move forward to enhance the design, function and performance of our product. We are subject to the affects of changing vendor supplied services and availability of components and parts. We are also occasionally affected by changing rules, laws and regulations and it's for these reasons, as well as others, that we reserve the right to alter the design and or specification of our product, in part or whole, for any reason at any time.

A note on re-chroming and Ionbond:

Should a pistol be damaged through use or an existing hard chrome or Ionbond finish needs to be repaired or re-done after a pistol has been in use, it is important to note that the existing finish needs to be professionally stripped before it can be re-hard chromed. After stripping, the parts will be returned to Pistol Dynamics for repair and surface prep. They are then returned, once again, to the vendor for re-finish. This is a time consuming and potentially expensive procedure that is required because the markings and fine checkering on a handgun can be obliterated by improper handling in a bead blasting cabinet and unless the finish is to be performed on parts that have never been assembled it is necessary to go through this jig.

Why don’t we do our own metal finishing?

We don’t do metal finishing in-house for a number of reasons:

1) Our shop is located in an environmentally sensitive area and abiding by local, state, and OSHA regulations with respect to hazardous materials and the use and disposal thereof is restrictive.

3) Metal finishing can be highly technical and specialized process and we prefer to leave this to the experts.

2) It is difficult for a small business such as ours to justify the investment in the equipment, floor space and labor necessary to do this well. Our low volume simply cannot sustain the expense and we cannot justify shifting the cost of this investment to the end user.

4) With new coatings continually being made available to industry by aerospace and other sources it would be impossible to keep abreast of technology. We may invest in the newest fad at any given time and promptly have a white elephant on our hands just months later when the next newest fad kicks in.


Inbound shipments

1. DO NOT ship a firearm with your initial payment. We will request the pistol when our production schedule is ready for it.

2. Address inbound packages to:

PD Products LLC..2510 Kirby Ave, N.E. Unit 109Palm Bay, Florida 32905.

Please package your unloaded firearm securely and ship it insured via UPS or FedEx. DO NOT send any unnecessary with your pistol as pistol cases, pistol boxes, magazines and ammunition.

Outbound shipments

1. All quotes do not include our standard return shipping charge; expedited shipment will incur additional fees.

2. Firearms will be return shipped, FOB Palm Bay, Florida, utilizing an approved carrier of our choosing.

3. Customer is liable for and will be billed for shipping, handling and insurance to vendors that provide services not provided by Pistol Dynamics. Any initial proposal does not include this charge.

Special Serial #'s: Special serial numbers are available, however there are no cancellations on custom serial numbered firearms. Payment in full is required BEFORE any work is performed on a special serial numbered firearm.

Transfers: All new firearm transfers must be done through a dealer or distributor.

Warranties: Due to the fact that our products are special order custom firearms and related parts, there are no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. However, we do stand by our product and will make every reasonable effort to resolve any quality or service issues.