We named the Pistol Dynamics SCOUT in deference to the Rhodesian Selous Scouts; a small special forces unit of relentless fighters who waged war against the communist insurgency that plagued Southern Africa during the middle part of the last century. Although the fight against these terrorists was ultimately lost, both in Rhodesia and South Africa, our respect for the 'Skuzapo' and their thankless job is of the highest order. Although the unit was more apt to use handguns other than a 1911 in those days we license ourselves to dedicate a 1911 in honor of their drive to eradicate the scourge of communist backed insurgencies . It's also a way for me to express my personal disdain for terrorist and murderer, Robert Mugabe (and his pals further south), who banned the display of the emblem in Rhodesia. We therefore build the SCOUT to pay respects to all those invisible individuals who fought and sacrificed in defense of our way of life.
The Pistol Dynamics SCOUT is the workhorse of our custom handgun line. It's the choice of working professionals and competition shooters alike. The gun is hand-built to withstand sustained use and is tuned to tolerate a broad range of factory ammunition without sacrificing accuracy and reliability. Barrel lock-up and slide fit is bank vault secure and every component on the gun is designed for longevity and performance. The SCOUT is available in 45ACP, 40S&W and 9mm and has a very broad range of available options to ensure the correct combination of features relative to intended use. We offer a number of durable finishes that includes IonBond and Hard Chrome. The gun is also available with an Officers equivalent frame size and 4" or 4.25" slide for more compact applications. The SCOUT is a multipurpose tool that can be relied on to get the job done no matter what that might be.
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