The Pistol Dynamics SUPER SCOUT is a hand built fighting pistol developed specifically for the arena and related training. It's also well suited for competitive shooting activities such as IDPA. The SUPER SCOUT is a controlled featured performance handgun configured with input from some of the most highly regarded operators and trainers in the world. Our goal was to develop a unique grab and go fighting toolbox that puts everything at easy reach when the need arises. The modular concept ensures that your primary handgun and related technical kit will be fully serviceable in almost any circumstance or environment. The system includes a matrix of customer selectable options such as a pre-fitted and tested ignition service pack, replacement extractor, ejector, firing pin, stop plate, springs, light etc. Literally everything needed to service your 1911 in the most remote and inhospitable areas of the world is conveniently package in an all but indestructible compact case.
"My Liebenberg built 9mm Super Scout turned 50,000 rounds in under a year and is on the way to the next fifty; That is 50K on the same barrel, same trigger group, same IonBond finish. This gun has taken everything I've thrown at it and I'm beginning to believe it's indestructable."

'Super' Dave Harrington - Former special forces operator; extreme firearms instructor and competitive shooter

Get a printable PDF Spec Sheet of the Super Scout here