The Pistol Dynamics X-O was designed to fill a niche in the 1911 market that favours bull barrel pistols over the traditional bushing design. However, the very nature of the bull barrel concept has always left much to be desired in our view and we sought a way to stabilize the barrel more effectively during the firing cycle and also for a way of retarding the timing so that the propensity of the system to open early was alleviated. The result is the X-O with the Active Reverse Plug , a unique system that retains the benefits of the bull barrel and eliminates the drawbacks.
The Pistol Dynamics X-O is favoured by shooters who prefer not to carry tools to field strip the pistol. This 1911 variant is ideal for those who believe in simplicity of design. The ARP system integrated into the pistol places constant upward pressure on the barrel, both in and out of battery. This helps the chamber end of the barrel to bias toward the feed ramp saddle of the frame when out of battery and to maintain pressure on the muzzle end when the gun is closed.
One of the major benefits of the ARP from a technical standpoint is that when the pistol is out of battery the barrel no longer produces an annoying rattle due to the fact that it is always under pressure from the reverse plug plunger.
The X-O is available in a 4.5" slide on a full size frame which produces a very well balanced practical handgun.
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